jd-hillberry1jd-hillberry2JD Hillberry

General’s Primo Charcoal

J. D. Hillberry has been a professional artist for 19 years. In that time he has become one of the most well known and respected artists in his field. His book “Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil” published in 1999 has become a classic drawing instruction book used by art students worldwide. Over 50,000 copies sold to date. Each original drawing is rendered on white 100% acid free paper or watercolor board using combination of charcoal, graphite, and carbon pencils in each piece. The original drawings can take over two months to complete. Although J. D. works with a variety of subject matter, he is best known for his trompe l’oel (fool the eye) drawings. These are images rendered so realistically that people are deceived into thinking that actual objects are being displayed in a frame.

For more artwork, workshops and detailed tutorials please visit: http://www.jdhillberry.com


joseph-zbukvic1Joseph Zbukvic

Holbein Artist Watercolour

joseph-zbukvic2Joseph Zbukvic is a leading master of watercolour medium of his time. His impressive achievements and enormous success is due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering an infinite variety of subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all around the world.

Joseph has continued to explore new subjects and fresh ways to express his vision by frequent overseas travel. He has reached a new level of technical ability, maturity and strength as he enters the fourth decade of his career.

For more information visit www.jzbukvic.com


tom-lynch2Tom Lynch

Holbein Artist Watercolour

tom-lynch1Tom has been referred to as one of the America’s premier watercolourists. With over 35 years of experience, he has written seven books and hosted several award-winning PBS-TV Art Series. Tom was recently listed as one of the nation’s top 20 teachers by a leading art magazine. He was awarded Southwest Magazines Best of Show Merit Award at the 2009 Sedona Plein Air Festival, and is represented by some of the nation’s leading museums and galleries. He has been the featured artist for the U.S. Open and several PGA and LPGA tournaments. With his uniquely styled landscapes, Tom strives for a level of excitement, movement, and resonance that seems to push beyond what the environment provides naturally.

For more information visit www.tomlynch.com